Friday, August 22, 2008

A box with a vent

A co-worker told me a funny story

Back story...her oldest son is moving into his first college off-campus housing. It's the very awesome, non-air conditioned house that stood as last year's party headquarters - and they were lucky enough to snag it. As my coworker is trying to take a step back and let him "be an adult," he and his roommates are responsible for outfitting this groovy pad.

As he was driving down to school this week, he met up with one of the roommates along the way. It was at this point that my co-worker got a phone call that went something like this...

"Hey mom, Jeff has this cool box in his car with a vent in it. You put it in your window and it makes the room cooler. Can I get one of those?"

"Honey, do you mean an air conditioner?"

"Yeah, that's it. So how about it?"

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